Coral Eco-Treat®

Coral Eco-Treat® low and no-phosphate metal treatment solutions provide an ecological and economical alternative to phosphate pretreatments.

Coral Eco-Treat® Metal Treatment Solutions

An Ecological and Economical Alternative to Phosphate Pretreatments

Coral Chemical Company’s uniquely-formulated low and no-phosphate Coral Eco-Treat® metal pretreatment products provide:

  • “Green” solutions to pretreatment processes
  • Energy cost savings
  • Customized pretreatment solutions tailored to your application


Most of our Coral Eco-Treat® products completely eliminate phosphate wastewater concerns during the metal treatment stage, resulting in compliance with local and federal metal finishing discharge regulations. And, the sludge that is generated from the treatment of phosphate-free wastewater is no longer automatically classified as hazardous waste. Coral Eco-Treat® products also require no heat energy which reduces the emissions associated with burning fossil fuels.


Coral Eco-Treat® products are designed to operate at ambient temperatures, providing significant energy savings. Maintenance and cost savings are also obtained through reduced sludge and scale formation.


Our Coral Eco-Treat® products are effective alternatives to traditional iron phosphates, and have successfully replaced zinc phosphate pretreatments.


Based on our years of experience in innovative pretreatment technology, Coral provides the knowledge and expertise needed to support our metal finishing customers. Depending on your specific application, we will analyze your finishing process and recommend the best Coral Eco-Treat® solution for excellent finishing performance.

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