Pretreatment Chemicals

Coral pretreatment chemicals prepare metal and plastic substrates for the efficient and effective application of paints and coatings.

Specialty Chemicals to Effectively Prepare Parts for Paints and Coatings.

Metal finishing chemicals are the foundation of the Coral Chemical Company product line. Our pretreatment chemicals, including cleaners, conversion coatings and final rinses, prepare metal and plastic substrates for the efficient and effective application of coatings. Coral’s pretreatment chemicals enhance paint adhesion, improve corrosion protection and provide increased durability of the finished ware.

Coral’s industrial pretreatment chemicals product line includes:

  • Coral Eco-Treat® (ambient, low/no phosphate pretreatment solutions)
  • Cleaners
    • Spray wand cleaners
    • Alkaline spray cleaners
    • Acid spray cleaners
    • Immersion cleaners
  • Sealers and phosphates
    • Iron phosphates
    • Detergent iron phosphates
    • Zinc phosphates
    • Final seals and rinses
  • Derusters and descalers
  • Chromate conversion coatings – hexavalent and trivalent for aluminum
  • Non-chrome metal treatments
  • Paint strippers
  • Maintenance cleaners for plant and equipment
  • Spray wands

Coral’s team of pretreatment chemical experts will work with you to recommend the best products for your unique processing challenge. In the lab or in the field, we will analyze your operations and provide cost-effective solutions that result in superior parts performance and quality. Our technical department offers a variety of analytics and testing services so we can provide you with the highest quality products that deliver results. Our fast turnaround on analytical results reduces your downtime and increases profitability.

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