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Coral's Lubricant Division encompasses machining fluids, forming lubricants and rust preventatives and provides a variety of metal working solutions.

Lubricants and Coolants for Precise Cutting, Grinding, Forming and More.

Coral Chemical Company’s Lubricant Division encompasses machining fluids, forming lubricants and rust preventatives. Each of these product groups provide a variety of solutions for our customers’ needs. From cutting, grinding, forming, blanking to protecting processed parts, Coral’s Lubricant Division and Sales Consultants will work with you to find the right product for your application.

Due to the unique process needs of our customers, we recommend that you contact your Coral sales consultant or our Lubricant Division to discuss your challenge so we can determine the product best suited for your needs. Our goal is to improve your processes – not just supply your chemicals.

Machining Fluids

Our machining fluids encompass a wide variety of applications and materials. These metal working products offer fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil and straight oil chemical options for your metal removal needs.

Coral’s machining fluids are used in industries spanning from tooling to high performance wheels to the medical industry and continue to prove themselves. Even with today’s higher speed machining and harder materials, Coral can address your specific machining needs.

Forming Lubricants

Coral’s metal forming lubricants address a wide variety of applications and materials. These products include synthetic, soluble oil and straight oil, and are used on a wide variety of substrates.

Coral’s metal forming lubricants have a well-established history in the manufacture of appliance, automotive and heavy equipment components. They have great compatibility with automotive e-coat and porcelain enamel processes.

Rust Preventatives

Our rust preventatives were uniquely developed to cover a wide range of applications and substrates. Our line of products include synthetic, emulsion, oil-based and solvent-based rust preventatives, and provide in-process, indoor storage, in transit or long term storage protection.

Application-Specific Lubricants:

Steel Wheel Manufacturing Lubricants

Coral has years of experience in steel rim rolling processes, focusing on fully synthetic fluids that optimize tramp oil rejection and tooling cleanliness. Our focus has been on fully synthetic chemistries that provide excellent flushing of tooling and rims in process and provide light, protective residues on finished rims that can be easily removed in conventional pretreatment systems. Being synthetic, these products are easier to weld through at low use concentrations and do not exhibit the drawbacks of oil containing fluids such as weld porosity and tenacious residues. Whether you are producing steel rims for military, agricultural, tractor trailer, automotive aftermarket, recreational vehicles or garden equipment; Coral has the technical experience and products for your processes.

Coral also provides machining fluids and drawing and stamping fluids for the manufacture of steel wheel centers and hubs. Amongst the most popular products are the drawing and stamping fluids. Whether straight oil, emulsifiable oil or fully synthetic, Coral has a product for your unique production requirements. These products have been used extensively in the manufacture of light wheels for recreational vehicles and golf carts to heavy duty wheels for agricultural, mining and military purposes.

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