Quality Control

Coral provides quality metal finishing chemicals to ensure that processes run efficiently while meeting customer quality and performance expectations.

Delivering Quality Metal Finishing Chemicals Backed by Our Technical Support

Our goal at Coral Chemical Company is to provide our customers with quality metal finishing chemical products to ensure that their processes run efficiently and trouble-free while meeting quality and performance expectations.

To help us achieve this goal, our facility is equipped with complete process, analytical and performance testing laboratories for the testing of metal finishing chemical applications.

  • The process laboratory is utilized for running panels and production parts for product selection, analysis and troubleshooting washer specific issues.
  • The analytical laboratory is utilized to perform bath analysis and surface analysis for routine service and troubleshooting.
  • The performance testing laboratory is utilized to evaluate paint and pretreatment performance using accelerated and physical testing methods.

All three groups work together to verify product quality, identify issues and formulate an action plan to resolve them, and to prevent future issues. These areas operate to provide our customers with highest-quality products based on the latest technologies, and provide continuous support, both in the laboratory and in the field.


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