Coral provides a state-of-the-art laboratory facility and knowledgeable staff for our metal products manufacturing customers' testing and analytical needs.

Complete Laboratory Support That Delivers Results

Coral Chemical Company has invested in a complete state-of-the-art laboratory facility and knowledgeable staff that offers our metal products manufacturing customers a variety of valuable lab services:

  • Product Development – equipped to simulate a customer’s process line for accurate chemical product selection and analysis, and to troubleshoot washer-specific issues
  • Quality Control – inspects all chemical production batches prior to shipment
  • Analytical Services – provides process bath analysis, surface analysis, water analysis, waste water contamination analysis and product defect analysis for routine service and troubleshooting
  • Performance Testing – offers a wide range of accelerated, physical and environmental performance testing to evaluate paint and pretreatment performance

Our commitment to fast turn-around on analytical results reduces downtime and increases profitability.

Laboratory Literature

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