Guardian Controller

Coral's Guardian Series Metal Finishing Controller is an analytical process controller that monitors and controls multiple chemical process stages.

Coral Guardian Series Metal Finishing Controller

Effectively Monitors and Controls Multiple Chemical Process Stages

The Coral Guardian Series® Metal Finishing Controller is a powerful, affordable, analytical process controller. The simple, user-friendly programming makes it easy to configure the Guardian to control multiple chemical process stages including cleaners, pretreatments and sealers, as well as rinse and wastewater streams. It will monitor and control based on conductivity, pH and ORP sensor inputs, as well as measurement inputs from other devices such as level, temperature, pressure and flow devices.

The Guardian Controller operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, keeping on-site and off-site personnel notified of system performance, while providing accurate process control.

Features of the Coral Guardian Controller

  • Easy to start-up and use with just a web browser
  • Immediately notifies on-site and off-site personnel of any problems via e-mail, cell phone text message or pager
  • Logs process data and e-mail reports and data on a regular basis
  • Provides up to four industrial-grade direct sensor inputs (conductivity, pH, ORP)
  • Provides eight output relays for process control
    • Relays can be either prewired or open for hard wiring
    • Relays can be either powered or dry contacts depending on use
    • Multitude of relay control modes available for process control including on/off, time proportional and intermittent (fixed blowdown) control
  • Optional analog and digital inputs
    • Add eight input analog input board for additional data and devices
    • Add six input digital input board for additional devices
    • Controller comes standard with three digital inputs
  • Optional analog outputs
    • Add up to four analog outputs to transfer data to external systems
  • Digital communications hardware
    • Controller comes standard with USB and Ethernet capabilities
  • Digital communications software
    • Ethernet networking (master capability) for access to all controllers on a network
    • Modbus TCP/IP (server mode only) for seamless internet connectivity to the controller


With an embedded web server, the Coral Guardian Series Metal Finishing Controller utilizes standard TCP/IP Internet communications. Remote communications can be established with the Guardian via the internet or on a direct line with modem to modem capability. USB and Ethernet allow the easy on-site access for plant personnel and system operators. Multiple users can access the controller simultaneously. A graduated password protection system allows users varied degrees of access from view only to full system configurations. In addition, the Guardian delivers a range of user-friendly information reporting tools.

The Guardian supports all global communications standards:

  • USB Plug and Play for local laptop communications (standard feature)
  • Ethernet for LAN communications (standard feature)
  • Internal analog modem (optional)
  • Internal cellular modem utilizing the latest global standard digital technologies (CDMA, GPRS, GSM) used by most major cellular carriers (optional)

USB Plug and Play

For local monitoring and reconfiguration of the Guardian controller via a laptop or dedicated on-site PC

USB Plug and Play


For monitoring and reconfiguration of the Guardian controller via a Local Area Network (LAN) or remotely via the Internet


Guardian Controller Literature

Guardian Controller Sales Sheet (PDF)


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