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Coral Chemical Company & Chemische Werke Kluthe partner together to provide unique industrial chemical solutions.
Our Partner

Partners in Industrial Chemical Solutions

To better serve our global customers, Coral Chemical Company and Chemische Werke Kluthe have partnered together in a cross-licensing agreement to provide unique industrial chemical solutions to their respective markets. The agreement allows each company to manufacture, distribute, sell and service the other company’s products in their market. Coral and Chemische Werke Kluthe also team together to develop new technologies to serve the specific needs of their customers.

Chemische Werke Kluthe specializes in industrial chemicals used in:

  • automotive paint shops
  • metal working
  • cleaning, degreasing and paint stripping
  • pretreatment, coating and industrial paint
  • corrosion protection
  • water treatment

The Kluthe Group is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, and has twelve locations in Germany and around the world.

To learn more about Chemische Werke Kluthe, please visit their web site: www.kluthe.com


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