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The ISO 9000 series of international standards was published by the International Organization for Standardization in 1987. These are generic standards for quality management and quality assurance that apply to all types of companies. They can be adapted to fit both large and small companies in all sectors of the economy. ISO certification is not a stamp of approval on finished goods manufactured. It is the assurance to its customers that a company is committed to quality through the acceptance of the standards set by the ISO series, the achievement of certification from an accredited registrar, and the continuing effort to improve through both regular internal audits and registrar surveillance audits. More than 80 countries have adopted the standards and thousands of companies all over the world are now registered. The standards are recognized internationally as the language of quality and are viewed as facilitating world trade and improving the economies of the world.

Everyone at Coral Chemical Company is proud of our continuing ISO 9001 certification of our customer service and shipping facility located at 1915 Industrial Avenue, Zion, Illinois, as well as the laboratory and manufacturing facility located 135 LeBaron Street, Waukegan, Illinois. We view this achievement as a reflection of our total team quality commitment and an indication of our company’s dedication to quality performance and service to our customers.

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