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Metal Packaging


Coral has been selling products for the aluminum beverage can industry for over 30 years and selling lubricants for this industry for over 10 years. These products include cleaners, conversion coatings, etchants, mobility enhancers, post lubricants, cup lubricants and coolants. All these products are backed by people with over 30 years in the industry. Service and in-plant technical assistance is our specialty. We are proud of having been presented “Supplier of the Year” Awards. Coral Products are being sold in over 10 countries around the world.

 Our washer products can be electronically controlled by our own microprocessor-based Control Equipment.

 Our goal is to improve our customers operations while reducing overall chemical and process costs with Quality Products and Service.
Our Lubricant Line of products:
            Coralube 4000CPL- Post Lubricant
            Coralube 2001- Cup Lubricant
            Coralube 2500- Cup Lubricant
            Coralube 3002/3002B- Cup Lubricant
            Coralube 737BR- Body Maker Coolant
These products have passed either Miller or Anheuser-Busch Flavor Approvals.
Our Washer Process products:
            Clene 100/101- Acid Cleaners
            ACC 2/ACC 3- Etchants
            Corcoat NC 900 Non-Chrome Surface Treatment
            Clene 30F- Secondary Cleaner/Aluminum Brightener
            Cor Rinse 42C/42C1- Mobility/Rinse Enhancers
            Cor Rinse 62/72- Mobility/Rinse Enhancers
            Clene 401/Cor Add- Alkaline Cleaner Package
These products have passed either Miller or Anheuser-Busch Flavor Approvals.
We also provide Maintenance and Waste Treatment Products for many applications.
Need More Information? Contact the Metal Packaging Division of Coral Chemical Company. Ask one of our Representatives to visit your facilities and show you how we can help “Reduce Your Costs”.

Need more info? Contact our Metal Packaging department here.


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