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General Industrial



Metal finishing is the foundation of Coral's product line. Our cleaners, conversion coatings, and final rinses prepare metal and plastic substrates for application of an organic coating. A Coral pretreatment process will enhance paint adhesion, improve corrosion protection, and provide increased durability of the finished ware.

Coral's general industrial product line include:

Acid, alkaline, and neutral cleaning products for spray and immersion

Iron phosphates

Zinc Phosphates

Coral Eco-Treat (Ambient, Low/No Phosphate Products)

Final Seals and Rinses

Chromate Conversion Coatings - Hexavalent and Trivalent for aluminum

Non-Chome metal treatments

Paint Strippers

Maintenance cleaners for plant and equipment



Case Studies:

DESCALE 62 - Coral Chemical is using a mix of inorganic and organic acids to remove laser scale/oxide without over pickling the surface of the substrate.

WASHER DESCALING - The advantages of utilizing Coral Chemical washer descale chemicals to improve washer efficiency and product quality. Click here to read study


To order industrial products, click here to visit our online order form.

Need more info? Contact our Metal Finishing department here.




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